Komugiko (小麦粉), which means flour in Japanese, is a type of cocktails called Shiawase “happiness”, which seeks to integrate elements of nature in a simple way, with millenary harmony. With Gin L’Arbre like principal ingredient, bitter of vanilla (touch bitter and sweet at the same time), egg white to obtain much creaminess and pleasant texture (Namelaka, that means “very creamy” in Japanese), jam of strawberry, yuzu and pineapple juice, infusion of 8 flour worms, which are a great nutritional contribution and a peculiar taste.

Japanese cocktail recipe Komugiko:

3cl Gin L’Arbre
3 drops of vanilla bitter
1cl egg white
1 spoonful of strawberry jam
4cl yuzu and pineapple juice
8 flour worms infused

Preparation: “shake” all the ingredients and serve it in a cup. Garnish with 2 worms and orange peel.